Domestic (U.S.) economic development

There is an intense competition between communities, local, regional and national governments for new development opportunities; to attract and retain business; and, facilitate growth and prosperity. Our firm provides the following services for clients that are willing to approach their economic development in a practical and efficient manner.
  • Community Assessments/Strategic Planning: The community assessment will strategically analyze your community strengths and weaknesses for attracting and retaining economic development. It provides practical and tailored recommendations and action steps that help you to better attract investment and business relocation.

  • "Green" Planning & Consultation: Sustainability is a sign of the times in every facet of our society today. Planning and implementing "Green" components  into your economic development work plan tells your clients that you welcome sustainable development. We can help you plan  strategies that can attract/retain more "Green" business.

  • Targeted Industry Analysis: Businesses will cluster in regions that are best for their success. Our unique target industry methodology utilizes actual location/expansion information to determine real clustering patterns in your area, why these locations trends will continue and how your community best matches up for attracting more.

  • Economic impact analysis: The economic impact analysis will carefully measure critical economic impacts to new investment, including jobs and taxes. It measures both direct and indirect employment, output and value added impacts on the regional economy.

  • Work force analysis: Careful workforce analysis is essential in order to assure that the needed skills are available in your community. Krea Global specializes in corporate and community studies that may include: cost/availability/quality analysis, underemployment studies, commuter analysis, training needs assessment, "Green" skill needs assessments, and organizational/funding analysis.

  • Target Marketing & Implementation: Getting your message to the right targets is what economic development is all about. We have developed a time tested method  for domestic and international growth needs that involves:
    • strategic planning.
    • target research.
    • telemarketing/appointment setting - what we call economic tele-development.

    The result is that you get in front of the right decision makers; so that you can do what you do best, sell your community!

  • Freight/Logistics Model and Analysis: Krea Global  has developed a unique freight model and analysis designed exclusively for economic developers. It tracks truck, rail, air freight and even barge freight costs, so that you can do a professional job of advising and selling your clients as to why your community will work for them.

  • Cost Comparison Reports: Corporate decision makers want to understand the "bottom line" advantages when staying or relocating. The cost comparison report takes a hypothetical target project and runs cost and condition comparisons between your community and your competition, including labor, real estate, utilities and cost of living. The results can be compelling reasons to take a closer look at your community!

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