Growth Strategies

Our firm provides a  comprehensive  list of services  for companies that are committed to growth.
All the processes are tailored and conducted for the client.

Our services include:

Map, profile and survey potential clients

  • Identify who your clients will be in a new market.
  • Survey the prospects to identify market needs and opportunities.
  • Result: Tested client list with assessment of market conditions.

Blind interview existing clients

  • Assess customer loyalty.
  • Identify company's strengths and weakness in the target group.
  • Result: Improve company service offering to maintain customers.

Map, profile and survey potential distributors/representatives

  • Identify possible distributors/partners.
  • Survey partners to screen strong candidates.
  • Result: Screened list of possible partners that are qualified based on your criteria and have indicated they are interested in carrying your products or services.

Competitive intelligence

  • Interview and check competitors comprehensively.
  • First hand, assessment of competitor's capabilities and market positions.
  • Result: Complete, first hand knowledge of competitors' capabilities, strengths, weaknesses and market positions.

Test for market existence

  • Present products/services to possible clients.
  • Assess market receptivity, price points, and map market channels.
  • Introduce products/services to decision makers to assess potential market size.
  • Result: Confirmation of market size and receptivity to products.
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