trade development. market entry programs

Our services are intended for:
  • Regional and local governments in North America that are willing to find opportunities globally.
  • Mid-sized firms and/or divisions of large ones.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • A focus on geographical market expansion or diversification.

  • Market & industry studies to determine market attractiveness, key success factors, entry strategies, competitive position & access to client bases.

  • Development of export plans, search & screening for agents/distributors and strategic partners.

  • Lead generation - identify, qualify and track "real" company prospects.

  • Arrange one-on-one appointments and organize all logistics for inward investment missions.

  • Organize workshops, seminars, networking meetings and other special events to present the client region to company prospects and others who influence companies interested in locating or expanding in the client's region.

  • Construct and help implement strategic marketing plans ("road maps") with a focus on "how to" achieve the plan's objectives.

  • Set-up, staff and follow-up on industry trade shows.
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