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KREA Global specializes in creating strategies to promote the cluster development process.
The most competitive regions in the global economy today are dominated by industry clusters, which help to leverage a region's economic advantages.

A cluster is a group of companies sharing local resources, using similar technologies, and forming linkages and alliances. These linkages can take the form of buyer-supplier relationships, prevention of turnover and "pirating" of employees, joint marketing, training, or research initiatives, associations, and lobbying.

One of the unique features of cluster analysis is the focus on linkages between firms, and on implications for shared strategies - often called "Co-opetition" - in which companies selectively compete in some respects (say, in output markets) yet cooperate in other respects (say joint training programs).

The Emergence of Clusters

In advanced economies today, clusters of related industries, are the most sustainable source of jobs, income and export growth. KREA Global conducts a competitiveness analysis that examines a region's industry clusters, economic infrastructure, market dynamics and policy climate. KREA Global conducts strategies to grow and transform clusters and their linkages.

The cluster development process has been built through our experience around the world and we have refined the process to a Five Stage, Twelve Step process. Contact us as your cluster specialist for further information.

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